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Because traditional marketing just doesn't work like it used to

Healthcare providers and B2B medical companies are noticing that traditional, outbound marketing methods just don’t work like they used to.

Trade shows, email blasts, TV commercials, radio, direct mail, and cold calling have become less and less effective (and more expensive), because consumers are implementing technology like TiVo or Caller ID to block these noisy interruptions out.

Our approach to marketing was formed as the result of this simple observation: People do not want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by sales people. They want to be helped — and when they want to be educated about their needs, they go to the Internet. We help businesses create educational, targeted, measurable digital marketing experiences that increase revenue. We call it inbound marketing.


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Adam McConnell
Adam McConnell
Founder / CEO

Adam is responsible for marketing strategy and execution for clients. He has experience growing healthcare companies with digital strategies.

Dr. Ayesha Khan
Dr. Ayesha Khan
Medical Writer / Content

Ayesha is a board certified physician and writes all medical and healthcare related content for our clients. She has experience writing complex medical articles as a ghostwriter, and explaining device functionality.

John Kim
John Kim
Account Executive

John leverages our advanced marketing software tools to drive value for our clients and implement successful digital campaigns.

Josh Grice
Josh Grice
Creative Director / Video

Josh brings creative direction and an expertise in multimedia to ensure our clients brands are communicated effectively and in engaging ways.